Chiropractic Medicine

White Lotus practices a “mixer” style of chiropractic medicine, which means that Dr. Gerou integrates many established techniques and philosophies, drawing from a wide range of knowledge, training, and professional experience, to compose individualized treatment plans, unique to each patient.

Dr. Gerou utilizes a combination of traditional chiropractic techniques such as CMT/diversified (the classic "snap, crackle, pop" of the spine), flexion/distraction, drop technique, and the activator tool to adjust and align the body. Additionally, Dr. Gerou may incorporate such therapies as mobilization, electric stimulation, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage to provide further relief from pain and discomfort. And lastly, because we want our patients to experience a continued state of wellness even after they leave the appointment and walk out the door, most treatment plans will also include recommendations for lifestyle modifications to help prevent the pain from returning. This may include instruction in pain management techniques, daily therapeutic exercise, and nutritional guidance.