Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect in a typical chiropractic session?

A "typical" session (beyond the comprehensive general physical exam performed at every patient’s first visit) may include a massage or physiological therapeutic session (such as facilitated stretching, ultrasound therapy, electric stimulation therapy, or hot and cold contrast therapy), a chiropractic manipulation, and patient education on how lifestyle may be impacting health.

How might I prepare for this?

A patient can prepare for a session at White Lotus by wearing loose, comfortable, and moveable clothing, opening their mind and heart, and coming into the session with a desire to improve their own health.

What can I expect for pre- or post-natal care?

Pre- and post-natal patients should not only expect a comprehensive review of their health and wellbeing, including direct addressing of any pregnancy or postnatal discomforts, but also a wealth of information and guidance to making the womb the most hospitable place for a child to develop. These sessions may include guided relaxation and meditation, massage and manipulation, and gentle yoga for optimal physical and emotional balance.

Do you take insurance?

Yes. Insurance coverage differs between the different carriers, and out-of-pocket expenses will vary by policy. Our staff is prepared and happy to confirm coverage and benefits of specific insurance policies.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. If unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice to avoid fees. Regardless of the reason, the following fees will apply for late cancellations and missed appointments:

Missed Soft Tissue Manipulation, Acupuncture or Massage appointment: $50

Missed Chiropractic Appointment: $30

How do I schedule my first appointment?

Please contact our office directly for all scheduling. Our staff will be happy to assist you over the phone, or click here to send us a message.