White Lotus Chiropractic is open for Telehealth appointments and supplement deliveries! 

 Telehealth appointments are still available for both new and returning patients! A Telehealth appointment is a HIPAA-compiant video chat between you and the doctor from the safety of your own home to discuss any new symptoms you are experiencing or to receive guidance for at-home care and home exercise. Interested in scheduling a Telehealth appointment? Simply call the office at 708-383-1200 and we will get you all set up.

We also are offering complimentary no-contact delivery (within 3-mile radius) for all purchases of in-stock supplements! Call the office TODAY if you are running low on your favorite vitamins and supplements.

    We would like to reiterate all of the safety precautions that you have inevitably heard from many other sources but we believe beg repeating:

1.    Wash your hands frequently. Thorough handwashing requires the hottest water your hands can tolerate and 20 seconds of vigorous friction with a good soap. This should be done at a minimum before you consume any food and before and after entering any public place.

2.   All coughs and sneezes should be directed into a disposal cloth (i.e. Kleenex) or into your elbow. Be very careful that your entire mouth is covered by your clothing when you sneeze or cough.

3.    Disinfect commonly touched surfaces at frequent intervals. This includes your cell phone, steering wheel, bathroom surfaces, doorknobs, keyboards, and handles.

    Health is the very most important thing one can ever attain and therefore should be treated with the greatest of care. We feel grateful to be a part of this wonderful and supportive community and look forward to supporting you at full capacity once of the fear of this virus has been mitigated.

Alignment of Body and Mind

White Lotus Chiropractic of Oak Park is dedicated to non-surgical and non-prescriptive health care options, with a resounding respect for the mind-body connection.  Restoration of balance in the mind, body and spirit is the main goal of our center, utilizing the benefits of many types of physical medicine, including chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy and yoga to manifest and sustain this balance. We are dedicated to providing effective, comprehensive and inspired health care options to anyone with a desire to optimize their quality of life and maintain their overall wellness through effective natural methods. Restoration of Health. Promotion of Wellness. Celebration of Spirit. 
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