About Our Staff

Lynda Jo Shlaes has a style that is mindful, gentle and very grounding. Her classes are appropriate for students who are just beginning their yogic journey as well as those with experience. She is generous with sharing her knowledge, creating an atmosphere of learning and fun for students of any level. Lynda Jo is a certified yoga instructor from the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. She has studied with and been influenced by William Hunt, Christine Cipra, Kim Schwartz & Rich Logan. In addition she has worked with April Storms developing techniques to support sacrum stability and low back challenges. She began her study and practice of Yoga in 1999.

Michael Berger teaches Tai Chi with a patient, gentle approach that is designed for students who are just learning. He combines Qi Gong and Tai Chi practice with an emphasis on meditation, relaxation, breathing, balance, strength, and application Michael earned his instructor’s certificate in 2003, and studied with Wilson Lawrence and John Lewis. He has taught classes and small group sessions in Oak Park and Hyde Park.