About Our Staff

Audrey Reardon is the newest member of the White Lotus Team. She is a passionate licensed massage therapist who studied at the National Holistic Institute in Studio City, California. There she was able to reinforce the connection she has always had with the mind and body through all different types of modalities. She takes pride in Myofascial and Trigger point therapy along with Shiatsu, Thai, Deep Tissue, energy work and relaxation massage. Oak Park has always been her home, and she is very much looking forward to being an asset to the community in a positive, intimate and connected way. She believes every session can be a journey that takes place between therapist and client tackling the issues that are giving discomfort that day, while providing a treatment plan for prevention. Dr. Gerou and Audrey work very closely so that your treatment plan can be worked on together, allowing you the best results possible. She hopes you can leave her hands feeling safe, hopeful and rejuvenated. 

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

                     -Mark Twain 

Lynda Jo Shlaes has a style that is mindful, gentle and very grounding. Her classes are appropriate for students who are just beginning their yogic journey as well as those with experience. She is generous with sharing her knowledge, creating an atmosphere of learning and fun for students of any level. Lynda Jo is a certified yoga instructor from the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. She has studied with and been influenced by William Hunt, Christine Cipra, Kim Schwartz & Rich Logan. In addition she has worked with April Storms developing techniques to support sacrum stability and low back challenges. She began her study and practice of Yoga in 1999.